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Department of Agriculture | West Nile Fever

Horses with a temperature above 102.0°F may not ship to the track. While highly infectious, the virus does not persist in the environment and is neutralized by hand soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and sunlight. The next post will concentrate on the Equine Herpes Virus. Much of the current awareness and concern over EVA has stemmed from the restrictions that were imposed on the international movement of horses from the USA following the 1984 epidemic in Thoroughbreds in Kentucky. In humans, West Nile fever can be diagnosed by a rising titer or by finding IgM in serum or cerebrospinal fluid, using an IgM antibody-capture ELISA. The virus also known as EHV-1 cannot be transmitted from horses to humans, health officials stated.

The ERBV1 and ERBV3 serotypes comprise two distinct phylogenetic groups, one of which is phenotypically acid labile (ERBV1; [9]) and the other is acid stable