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Viral meningitis – Diagnosis – Approach – Best Practice

A repeat LP showed 130 WBC/μL with 85% neutrophils, 120 RBC/μL, protein of 157 mg/dL, and glucose of 36 mg/dL. Isolation of virus from the CSF by cell culture is time-consuming and expensive, and so is not available in the majority of laboratories. patients who would have been (and were) admitted and empirically treated irrespective of CSF findings. Microbial agents themselves may cause substantial damage to the vascular wall, as destructive changes after infection have been shown to be centered in the tunica media where dissections occur [11–13]. Acquisition of infected aerosolized particles, with initial colonization of the nasopharynx, is followed by subsequent replication in the regional lymph nodes, invasion, septicemia and CNS infection. His cognitive symptoms had progressed over the next few months, resulting in an inability to recognize people, and the patient would sometimes